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Alliances – JVs- Collaborations –Partnerships

For any organisation it’s a major strategic decision of forming a Joint Venture which includes  building new revenue streams , geographic  expansion, development of new products, particularly across borders.

Joint ventures benefits any company with:

Technology & Innovation
Greater Capacities& Capabilities in Manufacturing
Cost Optimization
Increasing Product / Service Offerings
Ready Access to Established Markets and Distribution Channels
Productivity & Resource Optimization.

Verkko has a specialized dedicated team with vast experience from various industries & sectors and equipped to consult, design and support companies in executing the Joint Venture.

 We handhold companies for different types of Ventures like:

Production & Marketing

 The following services are provided in the Joint Venture Process:

Venture Requirement Analysis
Formulating the Strategy
Communicating with the Prospective Venture Partners
Exchanging Information
Arrange a Video Conference Meeting
Arrangement for Physical Meeting, Plant Visit
Round of Discussion on Technical, Commercial and Execution part
Draft MOU/ Basic Contract/ Agreement
The signing of Venture Agreements
Execution of Venture
Following Activity Chart &Completion Timeline of a defined task
Post Venture Meetings
Product Prototype Development
Required Certifications from various countries
Acquiring Initial Customers under Venture
Ongoing Support


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