Visit & Establishment

Visit & Establishment

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage multi-national, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. The ambitious program was launched by Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. India hence has emerged, as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment.

Working with various State Government, Verkko support foreign companies to establish Manufacturing Facilities, Joint Ventures, Sales Offices, Technology Partnerships, Appointing Partners & Representatives in India.

Our Support Process Involves:

Market Research & Survey for Product Viability, cost viability, Competitors analysis, Business Potential
Defining Market Entry Strategy
Identification of best suitable structure for company
Identification of ideal space for business activity based on various parameters like incentives, cost, availability of man power, Resources etc.
Various Government approval
Setting up or incorporating the Company
Fund Management
Support on Construction/renovation of unit.
Hiring of manpower.
Acquiring Clients

Incorporating a company in India:

Private or public limited company. Both wholly owned & joint ventures are allowed.
Limited liability partnerships
Allowed under the Government route in sectors which has FDI allowed under the automatic route/ any conditions.
Sole proprietorship/partnership firm


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Visiting India:

Future of India would bring in additional focus of world economy towards the emerging economies and it is would be imperative for the world business leaders not to develop an Indian perspective. A Trade / Business Delegation visit can help in identifying new opportunities , collaboration, learning , sourcing and new avenues of business relationships . During the visit, oversea delegates can personally meet with local counterparts & government officials. They can use this opportunity to observe and absorb the local and global business operations, explore the variety of complex and multifaceted phenomena that define India.
We help you to:

Learn about local business environment specific to an industrial sector
Learn about investment, business development and sourcing opportunities
Collect key inputs for long term India plans
Develop contacts on the ground, hire for key positions, and develop a market foresight.


Pre visit

Detail study report of suppliers and Business Venture companies.

-Report includes:

Companies products
Number of suppliers / Companies for Ventures
Locations of the companies
Key features of the companies
Current production set up
Production capacity - current and prospective
Existing business ( export and domestic)
Advantages and Risk for selecting as suppliers/ Business collaboration
  • Selection for suppliers / Companies for Visit
  • Confirmation and duration of visit to India
  • Scheduling the appointments with suppliers
  • Arrangements for Hotel booking and organizing other travel logistics support

On Visit

Providing Key person for visit as per predetermined schedules
Assisting in communication with Indian Suppliers
Providing all necessary backup for successful conduction of meeting

Post visit

Sending a detail report to delegate on Visit and feedback of the suppliers
Arranging Conference calls for any further discussions with suppliers
Assisting for finalization of the supplier / Company for Venture.
Impact report.