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My journey has been a zigzag like ECG print realizing that as long as ECG is going up and going down and not in the straight line one is living and moving. When I look back I am astonished to observe how difficult the phase I passed through then and how many successes I achieved and enjoyed. The only way I can pay my gratitude for this life is to start sharing my valuable experience in the form of Trusted Tips which can guide the professionals to accelerate their professional journey for successful leadership.

Everyone wishes to be successful. Success can be defined in many ways, but my version of success is when I split the each word on alphabet wise basis as under-

S- Set your goal

U -Understand the Obstacles

C– Create a Positive Mindset

C– Clear your Mind of Self Doubt

E– Embrace the Challenge

S– Stay on Track

S– Show the World You Can do it

From “ Setting the Goal “ to “ Showing the World You can do it “ is the real zigzag story of success.

The following tips may not be in perfect sequence yet can certainly be formatted in multiple sequences for any number of professionals based on individual needs and circumstances for creating the road map for success in Leading.

Following are Trusted Tips are based on my professional journey establishing me as successful leader.

Chase the hard goal

Think big and ask why can’t I do it? you will get the answer with one message “Comfort Zone is your Enemy Number One “ Please remember like any batsman in cricket knows that- “ If you keep falling short- Aim High, If it’s still Short – Increase the Height” . The moment the angle of height and the direction of the hit is right , you achieve the goal. This is the reality of life. Never Give Up.

Learn to connect with people

The famous quote “ Networking is not about who you know , it’s about who knows you “. This in fact is the real definition of productive networking which is an important key to success in life .

Network is a simple interconnected point and in a human network each person is a point. A network is as valuable as the wealth one possesses. Please note that not every connection will pay, that is why you need a lot of them. Guidelines to improve net working is as follows-

> Be Visible

> Learn to talk to people and learn to engage people in conversation. Ensure they Enjoy talking to you and remember you. Avoid controversial topics like Politics and Religion especially in the initial stages of introduction and knowing each other.

>Networking up and networking down that is interacting with both levels above you and below you. It is like stronger roots leading to stronger and longer trees.

Be adaptable

“ Change is the only Constant “ this is a very common quote

Like zig zag ECG indicates life and living whereas the straight line confirms death. Likewise the Professional Journey, Status of Health, Surroundings and Relationships keep changing. The key is to accept the fact of change, recognize it , adjust to the change and adopt.

When I look back on my life right from my journey after completing the B.Tech , I became a Research and Project engineer , spending two years deep in a remote jungle and thereafter working in diversified industries from Tractor, Cars and Auto Components industries like , TAFE, Daewoo and Shriram Pistons . Finally wearing a hat as an advisor /consultant , has been a journey of continuous changes like in any TV serial. I adjusted, adopted ,accepted and succeeded.

One may not like the changes but change is inevitable. Don’t be scared of change, rather accept it and treat it like an adventure to adjust. “While in Rome do as the Romans do” is the basic rule to succeed in any environment,

Accept the fault - No blame game

Lead from the front and accept the accountability for your actions. There are many stories of successful leadership during the Kargil War with Pakistan which India won. Accepting the responsibility is a highly admired skill to build the team and lead it successfully. One Quote I admire is “ The man who blame others have a long way to go, the man who blame himself is Halfway, but the man who blamed no one is already arrived “

If one keep blaming other and the circumstances, he will continue to live a mediocre and miserable life

I remember in one of the business presentations to the Chairman and board of directors I was required to analyze the failure case study of my team. I did analysis from the concept to the execution and accepted the complete blame because I was the one leading and the team was working as per the direction. I presented the learning from the mistakes and also presented the plan B2 to create a success story. I wonder if only I had blamed the situation then or the team members I would have lost the trust in my leadership. Whenever you acknowledge your fault and mistakes you will always come up with an alternate improved plan to change things in your favor.

EAT THE ELEPHANT- Break the Bigger Problem into Smaller Pieces

From childhood we have been taught that’’ Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’’ Armstrong the first Astronaut quotes after the successful moon mission and said that “ The small step of man is the Leap of mankind “ and it is true and the rest is history.

The most difficult task of life can be dealt with effectively by breaking down or cutting up the task into small pieces like cutting the pizza while eating.

long back almost 40 years , I was either getting rejections or receiving nil response to all my applications for my ambitious growth plan. It was a big problem. Since I had to grow and had to eat the elephant I started analyzing the bigger problem breaking into smaller issues or bottlenecks and identified that my present qualification then is not enough to grow in the leadership role at corporate level and I need it to study for higher professional management qualification. This was the beginning of breaking a bigger problem into a small problem. I Enrolled in a famous college in spite of being married and having a one year old baby to manage. I came out of my comfort zone { my wife supported me } and not only passed the PGDMS but also cleared it by topping with a gold medal. Rest is history and I never failed thereafter in new roles and assignments.

The Tip is never attempt the whole cake in one effort it may get stuck , eat it enjoy it. Break the bigger goals into smaller goals and milestones to succeed in the leadership role.

Control the emotions

Empathy is such a secret weapon that it unlocks the team’s full potential, Because the team that feels valued is the team that thrives . Must remember that’’ People don’t follow Orders, they follow Inspirations ‘’.

A successful leader controls emotional feelings but reads others feelings very well, Be Sensitive and Caring in your approach to others but be mentally tough with yourself. One who can control emotion ends up ruling the world.

By giving credit and compliments to your team who works as per your direction is to make them feel as respected and valuable Contributors. They support you with double Vigour.

I did so many times and in many situations by bringing in logic while respecting the emotions. As an advisor to one of leading Automotive component companies, the MD would question my initiative saying that those concepts were tried earlier but failed. While respecting his emotional outburst I would substantiate my views on the concepts as well as the process of execution of Strategy on a logical basis , ultimately prevailing on the MD which he himself acknowledged at later stages.

Prioritize yourself

It’s never selfish if you are protecting your interest and yourself , it is termed as Selfcare. Always remember that “ if you don’t put yourself first, then who will?”

You can make others happy only if you are happy yourself.

I used to blindly trust my boss in one of the companies I worked in, believing that he would take care of my professional growth, but later I realized that I was only being used to help his personal growth. This is a usual in most situations , the successful leaders don’t do it. I started prioritizing myself , Became vocal and started questioning myself and also met the reporting manager of my Boss to know the factual Positioning. I was shocked to hear that the person I trusted blindly was the person responsible for blocking my growth so as to protect his own position. I learned to be vocal, be rational and be a smart worker so that I could protect myself and put myself first. It is not selfish, it is only setting boundaries so that others understand and respect your needs.

Never ignore your fitness

Fitness is the combination of three aspects- Healthy Diet, Physical Exercise, Quality sleep . It looks very simple but needs a serious effort to get out of its comfort zone. J F Kennedy once coated that ‘’ Physical Fitness is the basis of Dynamic, Creative and intellectual activity ‘’

I do not mean that you should not enjoy the luxury of weekend celebrations, parties and cocktails etc. . That is part of life but be moderate in every situation. Enjoy but do not ignore your health as whatever you want to do in life fitness always comes first. I know one very successful 1st generation entrepreneur who was a working professional like me once but later built a Rs 500 crore + business house. He followed a very strict schedule of sleeping on time and getting up early in the morning. I went for exercise and played badminton but also enjoyed the party, drinks moderately.

I am not advocating Bodybuilding exercises but suggesting that you should opt for a simple and effective fitness plan which makes you look good and feel good .

Earn save and invest

Nowadays I hear a glorified quote that ‘’ You only live Once ‘’ but in my opinion it also means the planning for life and not just living that very moment.

Unlike the government jobs earlier which had plans for the life long pension, the present day corporate who of course offer very attractive salaries but do not plan life long pensions after retirement. One has to do the planning himself.

I myself learnt it late but now strongly recommend every youngster to plan the saving and investment right from the first job you get and spend less than you earn , save balance for the rainy days which are anyways very frequent with present days corporate who generally adopt hire and fire policy for maintaining the productivity and the Lean Management concept

If saving and investing don’t come as your natural habit then learn it. As just earning is not enough you have to become wealthy and for this you need to practice making smart financial choices and investment. Remember it is never too late,

Be a good listener

Listening is a valuable skill because it builds stronger relationships by improving communication, increasing understanding and creating respect/ trust.

My mentor during my first job as Executive Trainee Advised me two tips for success in my professional journey,

> Listen Carefully completely and patiently

> Always check and recheck

I haven’t forgotten the above till date and rather not only practice it but also advocate this.

A successful leader must have listening skill as it creates an environment of open dialogue, collaboration and innovation. To become a good listener you need to practice the rule of ‘’ listening without judgment and listening completely “

All the above Tips are based on my own experience of successes and failures during my long professional journey in the diversified industries. I strongly feel these should prove very useful to every successful leader by adding values to their efforts in creating the right road map for the successful Journey of leadership.