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Verkko Group is a management consulting firm, that works in multiple dimensions of business ranging from consulting, and operations to in-depth market research. Verkko Group expands its service via its subsidiaries Verkko Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and Verkko Globalno

Management consulting is one of the finest methods of understanding the competitive markets and in depth research on these markets makes it easier to develop strategies to expand in these markets. We focus on providing our customers with a roadmap of making their presence in a market and target the requisite audience. Our immense networks allow us to seek the most reliable foreign investments, vendor network and robust methods of business expansion.

The rising demand of Trade facilitation gave rise to Verkko Globalno which provides its services in multiple industries ranging from IT, Defense, FMCG and more. The networking and execution of business makes it easier for companies to reach out the most suitable client base based on geographical arbitrage and focused management of market intelligence.

Industries We Serve

We add a remarkable value to the industries of this segment and ensure that our clients gets to the top of the chain with the most effective analysis and well defined consulting services

How we ensure quality assessment and management of our services?

We believe in well devised methods to ensure task efficiency and for the same we follow a structured methodology which allows us to enhance the standards of customer satisfaction. We focus on modulated methodology which allows us to assign the module experts as per their expertise in a particular domain. The task is broken down in modules as listed below.

market research

In Depth analysis of business and market with a through market research.

business model

Seeking for the most suitable business partner with a vast networking in multiple countries and marketplaces

business partner

Devising the most efficient business model as per business requirement, market place and target audience

operation managment

Successful implementation of business venture to ensure seamless operations and management

Our numbers speak for our innovative methods our daily motivation and milestones to cross

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Verkko Group is a management consulting firm, which works in multiple dimensions of business ranging from consulting, operations to indepth market research. With an active presence in 10+ countries and immense networking in multiple markets, they provide the finest solutions for your requirements. The core concept lies in strategizing, analysing , operating and researching multiple domains globally.