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This blog discusses the nuances of Indian railways, shedding light on the current situation it further lays emphasis on the vision of the same. How will the sustainability play a role in Indian railways for both trains and tracks.

A successful leader must have listening skill as it creates an environment of open dialogue, collaboration and innovation. To become a good listener you need to practice the rule of ‘’ listening without judgment and listening completely “ All the above Tips are based on my own experience of successes and failures during my long professional journey in the diversified industries. I strongly feel these should prove very useful to every successful leader by adding values to their efforts in creating the right road map for the successful Journey of leadership.

If one were to take a holistic global view, Africa is currently seen as one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, with domestic household consumption outstripping the continent's GDP growth, something that bodes well for the economic well-being of the population spread over 55 countries. This blog assess the emerging trends in African markets and how Indian businesses can leverage the same for growth.

India holds an impeccable position in the global healthcare sector and it continues to thrive in this industry. With a remarkable reputation in the domain let us read about a case study that displays the immense potential of the Indian vaccine market.

Getting into your investor's mind is one of the first things in the mind of people who are planning to gain an investment. So there are a few things you have to keep in mind which would help you to master this skill like a pro. For understanding what makes your proposal for investment strong, you need to highlight key points which would trigger the investor's attention to the proposal.

Verkko Group is a consulting firm that allows clients to expand their overseas business with joint ventures, business alliances, and mergers. With their team of industry experts, they can focus on core issues of the industry and connect with industry leaders to ensure streamlined production and management.