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Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Partnerships

Joint ventures are agreements of organisations to work together in order to attain a particular agenda or objective. The combined forces make it easier to gain access to more resources and data which allows expansion of business and targeting a new market with ease.


Joint ventures provide a direct gateway to a wider section of the market along with multiple complimentary benefits, some of which are listed below.

Provides access to new markets

Risk and cost valuation

Access to resources and technology

Provides a shared customer database

Keeps you a step ahead in becoming an Industry leader

Enhances Credibility

Why Choose Us

Verkko Global has a team of experts in multiple domains and each one of them holds expertise in an unique industry. With their expertise and their experience of being part of numerous joint ventures, they will cater the finest services as per your requirements.

Established Distribution Channel

Establishing Distribution Channel

The market runs on the principle of demand and supply. If there is enough demand, then it’s a great opportunity to make an investment. So we provide you with an efficient and effective distribution channel that would provide you access to a market with demand for your product/service. This allows you to target a new market with ease and furthermore connect with a wider section of the audience.

Required Details

Nature of the Product

Nature of Middlemen

Nature and size of the manufacturing unit

Market Competitiveness 

Government Regulations

Collection of Company & Product Details


Helps in gaining Industry Experience

Provides Access to the database

Allows you to easily target a new domain

Creates Brand Awareness among new users

Creates business presence and integrity

Helps in Business networking

Simplified Customer acquisition

Results increased conversion rates

Why Choose Us

Verkko Global has well-curated business contacts, which have allowed us to create a significant distribution channel with multiple industry experts along with access to a wider market. With this list and distribution channel, you can easily establish your business in a new market.

Global Subsidiary formation

Creating business subsidiaries serves as an efficient method to target new domains and modulate the market as per multiple factors. There are numerous benefits of creating a subsidiary as it allows you to connect with a wider section of the market and multiple audiences irrespective of their locations.

Global Subsidiary formation


Increases Brand Recognition

Establishes Business Credibility

Helps in Risk Reduction

Provides an Economic boost

Why choose us

Verkko offers a wide range of global subsidiary formation services ranging from legal, governmental, and regulatory frameworks which makes it easier to establish business on foreign soil. With insightful market research, an understanding of the industry veteran network, and well-analysed risk and mitigation maps, Verkko Global offers you the finest services in the domain.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Contacts and networking are one of the finest methods to establish your company in the market. To ease down this particular process Verkko Group provides a well curated list of business contacts based on a variety of factors ranging from market requirement, industry, business requirement priority, vertical, company size, and a lot more.

Demand Generation Process

Our team goes through a series of well-devised methods and quality checks while making cold calls and curating the demand generation list. This ensures a series of factors ranging from business stability, business size, market potential, and a lot more. This list would provide you with great benefits as it would allow your team to target their efforts at a particular segment with high conversions.


Helps in providing a starting note for sales and marketing

Helps in Business expansion

Boosts customer retention

Allows you to connect with the audience as per your requirements

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

Merger and Acquisition is a crucial process of business expansion. These mergers make it easier for customers to identify potential buyers and devise strategies that simplify the process of acquisition. Verkko Group plays a crucial role in identifying potential targets which could streamline the process of business expansion. With the services listed below merger and acquisition becomes easier with Verkko Group.

Merger and Acquisition


Merger and Acquisition Strategy Development

Target Identification and Evaluation

Valuation Services

Due Diligence

Planning and Execution

Regulatory and Compliance

Financial Modelling and Analysis

Post Merger Performance