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Adoption of Pneumatic Technology in Railway Sector


In the era of Industry 4.0, technology has revolutionised the working of the manufacturing sector. From the product designing through simulation to the shop floor for production, businesses are implementing Industry 4.0 framework across the world. A major proportion of modern machinery uses some form of pneumatic (compressed air) component within its structure and functioning. Pneumatic technology dates back to 1600s when the German physicist ‘Otto Von Guericke’ first invented a vacuum pump that utilizes air pressure; and has been evolving ever since.
With the growing significance on the use of Pneumatic technology, an Indian company entered this sector with the vision of becoming world class manufacturers of pneumatic products. Its primary product portfolio included standard pneumatic products (cylinders, valves etc); however, it’s production expanded for custom and value-added pneumatic systems over time. The company gained the title of ‘Best ancillary unit of the state’ in its early years of establishment itself. Moreover, it has won ‘Best Innovative Product Award’, and ‘Best Stall Award under ACMEE’ in the subsequent years.


In the early 2000s, the company supplied pneumatic control systems to over 200 Metropolitan Transport Corporation, and also Volvo buses, for all intercity buses across India. Furthermore, it has delivered pneumatic control systems along with electro-pneumatic sensors, optical sensors, timers etc. to Ashok Leyland and Delhi Integrated Metro Transport Services (DIMTS). By the end of 2008, the company had designed, developed, and entailed the production capacity for door fabrication.
Company’s exciting journey and association with the Indian Railways started in 2015 with the supply of electro-pneumatic flushing systems, low-friction cylinders for vestibule doors and salon sliding doors.

Agenda for Expansion

The company has successfully created a functional prototype for products such as Automated Single Leaf Main Entry Plug Door for Train-18 (Vandhe Bharath) and Tejas Class Trains, Automatic IC door for LHB coaches, and Compact dustbins. However, it is facing challenges in terms of the technology to manufacture the aforesaid products on a larger scale. Hence, a collaboration (Joint Venture/ Transfer of Technology) is required to overcome this hurdle.

Our Approach

Verkko Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and its subsidiary Verkko Global ( is an International Trade Generating and Management Consultancy Organisation based in India, with active presence in 10+ countries. We support Global Companies, Economic Development Organisations, Corporations and Government Trade councils to generate business across the globe.
We have planned and realised solutions as per the client’s requirement to help them extend their services to the Indian Railways. One of the specific conditions for a potential prospect was to find out the organization that has delivered Automated Single Leaf Main Entry Plug Doors to more than 500 railway coaches. However, by carrying out extensive research, we could identify some of the leading firms covering such a market segment worldwide.

Phases of Activity

Phase - I: Analysing the market to find out global leaders in Sliding Plug Doors
Phase - II: Due diligence of the project
Phase - III: Visit and Agreement Signing

Proposed Model

Verkko supports Indian Companies of various sectors to expand in the international market through Joint Venture, Technical Tie-up, and Alliance & Collaboration. Accordingly, we proposed three business models to our client namely – Joint Venture based model (100% localisation), TOT model (100% Transfer of Technology), and Vendor based model (50% localisation of components). Since the company’s primary objective for collaboration was to indulge in manufacturing of plug sliding doors on a large scale, the TOT business model fitted well to its requirements.

Prospective Organization

The ideal collaborative partner for our client is a Russian organization, which is the domestic leader in producing components for interior and exterior of railways, and urban transport, subways, special equipment and shipbuilding. It cooperates with largest transport engineering enterprises worldwide. Moreover, it manufactures the plug sliding doors as per the specifications laid by Indian Railways. Hence, this collaborative partner is compatible to carry out business operations in the country.

Project Details

Category – Railways
Industry – Pneumatic products
Business Model – Transfer of Technology

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