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The global market has displayed a successive boom after experiencing a decline in 2019 due to covid crisis. All the markets were severely affected by COVID-19 due to production halt and thus, were preparing themselves to tackle the expected rise of demand after the crisis. With adequate planning and production, the aftereffects were displayed in the numbers. 

Among the vast network of industries, the global ICT market showed a significant rise, which has increased from around $3.7 trillion in 2019 to $5.8 trillion in 2023 and is further expected to cross $6 trillion mark in 2023 . The US stands out as the global leader, having a 36% contribution in the worldwide market; along with the EU and China, having 11.8% and 11.7% market shares respectively. With the introduction of new technologies in AR/VR, blockchain, robotics, and other sectors there has been a rapid rise in the industry. Moreover, global ICT exports are set to reach over $93 billion by 2026, with over 9% growth per year. 


The growth is even reflected in other industries including the automotive sector. The automotive sector is set to reach $28.7 billion by 2027 with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4.5% for the tenure of 2022 to 2027. The rising demand for safety systems and luxury automobiles are the core factors that ensure stable growth in the automotive sector. Failure to make the most of these opportunities keeps you deprived of achieving your true business potential. Verkko Group connects you with these business opportunities in making it easier for you to streamline business growth.

Verkko Group: One-Stop Solution For Your Overseas Business Requirements And Consulting Services

Verkko Group is a consulting firm that allows clients to expand their overseas business with joint ventures, business alliances, and mergers. With their team of industry experts, they can focus on core issues of the industry and connect with industry leaders to ensure streamlined production and management. 

The market research team along with the legal team checks for top-notch industry insights along with the due diligence required for a particular deal. We have completed a series of projects which speaks for our expertise and experience in the domain. 

Projects And Case Studies

Though the majority of our projects cannot be listed due to our client’s privacy, some of them are being listed to provide you with a brief idea regarding the consulting expertise Verkko Group provides. 

‘Business Investment Forum’ - The Italian Trade Agency

This event was focused on bringing investment to the rapidly growing Italian Market by targeting the leading sectors which included ICT, Automobile, Renewable Energy, and Pharmaceuticals. 

‘FDI Facilitation’ - AMDIE and Morocco Now

AMDIE and Morocco Now are the Investment and Export Development Agencies in Morocco that focus on bringing in trade for Morocco. Verkko Global helps these bodies by connecting them with the requisite business opportunities.

‘St. Petersburg International Economic Forum’ - Roscongress Foundation

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was organised in St.Petersburg with an agenda to promote a conducive environment for global economic growth. Verkko Group pooled in multiple potential investors to the forum so as to present them with an opportunity to interact with global industry leaders, and policy makers.

What Makes The Verkko Group Different From Other Consulting Firms In The Market?

Each company has its USP which makes it different, but Verkko Group makes sure that its USPs align with the market interests and customer requirements. 

Experienced Industry Experts

Verkko Group has the finest industry leaders who have ample experience in being a crucial pivot in multiple deals. These industry experts are the core people in ensuring that our clients deal with highly trained professionals. 

Streamline Flow and Execution With An Efficient Operations Team

We have devised a well-established customer onboarding method that allows us to understand customer requirements and ensure that they get the best deal with the finest business partner in the respective industry. 

Robust Market Research Team

Our market research team has experience and innovative methods of providing deep insights in multiple industries, which allows them to understand customer requirements with ease. This even allows companies to have thorough insights on the competitors making it easier to develop strategies for business expansion. 

Dynamic Legal Team

Our legal team is well-experienced in due diligence and contract building. They have worked on a series of crucial deals and have ample experience in developing documents regarding cross-border business deals. 

Focused Finance Team

Our finance team is well-versed in evaluating business performance & capital requirements, performing competitive analysis, and preparing detailed financial reports for individual or corporate clients. They have been working on the financial structuring aspect of our existing clients in support of the formation of a new business entity.

Client Satisfaction

We believe that client satisfaction and top-notch outcome delivery are the key factors that influence the long-term business establishment of any firm. With our consistent customer satisfaction, we thrive to ensure that our clients get the best consulting firm in the market.We believe that client satisfaction and top-notch outcome delivery are the key factors that influence the long-term business establishment of any firm. With our consistent customer satisfaction, we thrive to ensure that our clients get the best consulting firm in the market.