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Digital Services

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With a continuous boost in the automation domain, there are rising requirements in the industry, which require technical expertise to ease down working. With this approach, Verkko Group developed a new wing that focuses on providing a wide range of digital services to its users and ensuring that their task is completed with a seamless flow.

The key breakthrough in digital services was initiated using IoT (Internet Of Things). In layman’s terms, it can be constituted as the processes that are completed by machines through internal communication. In IoT, the machines are able to send task requests to the other machines where two sockets are created which are the server socket and the request socket. The server socket establishes a connection with the machines and stores its log in the system.

On the other hand, the request socket ensures that the task request and completion are shared with the other machine so the task can proceed easily. Some common uses of IoT are listed below.

  • Using IoT-based production reduces the chances of human error and makes the process more efficient.
  • IoT-based logistics makes it easier for the businesses to keep track of their in-transit items and furthermore ensures that the user can check at which stage the product has reached. 

There is a lot more scope in the IoT implementation. So, feel free to connect us with your requirements and allow us to provide the most efficient services and working model for the same. Our expertise and innovation are our key performance indicators. Let’s connect and check where innovation leads us to.