Digital Services

In the modern era, technology is playing a crucial role in assisting society to respond, recover, and thrive.
Digital Services
Internet of Things (IoT) is receiving attention due to the growing significance of acquiring real-time data and acting on the insights, both in terms of its greater applicability and the path towards achieving scale.

IoT is no longer viewed by companies all around the world as merely an experimental technology. For the majority of industry sectors, there are several application cases where IoT, in conjunction with other exponential technologies, is promoting operational efficiencies, newer business models, and smarter and sustainable communities. The use cases for IoT are expected to grow for organisations, consumers, and citizens as a result of the proliferation of connected devices and the development of AI capabilities.

Verkko strives to digitally transform its Customers’ business models and drive value by offering innovative IoT services; and become the leading and most innovative digital transformation enabler company from India.