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How FDI Facilitates An Exponential Boost In Business Expansion?

Business growth is the sole factor that drives the daily motivation of making the most of your business and thriving it to its market milestone. Multiple methods come in handy for exponential business growth and with this in mind let’s discuss one of the finest ways for expanding your business globally. This method is termed Foreign Direct Investment and it has been found that with this method it becomes much easier to target new segments with a gateway to a wide range of markets. 

FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment and as the term says it refers to capital investment from foreign investors into domestic countries or vice versa. This provides the investors with a series of rights such as the right to participate and vote in the board meetings and business decisions. This method turns out to be of great use in a series of projects including the transfer of technology, international trade of commodities, expansion in new markets, and a lot more. Let us go through a series of benefits of FDI.

Benefits of FDI

There are numerous benefits of FDI and some of them are listed below.

  • FDI makes it much easier to boost economic growth and facilitate international trade.
  • FDI facilitates job creation, making it much easier to boost the employment ratio. This approach helps in minimizing costs by access to cheap labor markets and it provides a series of tax incentives. 
  • With a significant rise in foreign exchange, the economy proceeds toward a stable exchange rate. 
  • Facilitates increased capital flow along with the rise in the number of exports. 
  • Allows businesses to reach multiple markets and become a competitive milestone in the industry.

How has Verkko made an impact with its FDI services?

Verkko Group has a separate FDI wing that focuses on FDI facilitation services and it has shown a significant rise in the number of projects along with pristine customer satisfaction standards. We have completed multiple projects in the past years with our series of services. This all could be achieved with an excellent team and experienced industry veterans.

Services Provided By Verkko Group
  • Advisory services on Foreign Direct Investment (to and from the Indian market) 
  • Preparing business plans and strategies to facilitate business expansion 
  • Business establishment and setting up a company, branch office, liaison, and more. 
  • Going through legal procedures and tax policies to ensure the seamless business establishment 
  • Providing a legal framework to regulate pre and post set up
  • Drafting agreements for joint ventures, share purchase agreements, trademark license agreements, shareholder’s agreements, and a lot more
  • Facilitating approvals from government departments 
Project Portfolio
  • Verkko Group has worked on a series of projects which is the perfect presentation of our skillset of an experienced team. Some of them are listed below.  

    In this particular project, the Verkko Group in collaboration with AMDIE (investment promotion body of Morocco) brought in investment opportunities for plastic molded components for a wide range of industries ranging from automotive, and railways to defense. 
    With a rapid increase in the application of Lithium Ion batteries, the Verkko group facilitated an investment opportunity for the production of Li-Ion batteries in Morocco. 
    There is an extensive crisis in the Indian Semiconductor Market due to global chip shortage. To make the most of this opportunity, Verkko Group facilitated a greenfield investment, from CIS region to India, for designing fabless semiconductors.
    In this project, a company based in CIS region is into manufacturing flooring systems for Railways and Verkko Group helped in facilitating a greenfield investment opportunity to Indian soil for the same. 

    There are a lot more gems in our list and we hope that your project turns out to be another golden slot on our portfolio.

    Note:  The names of the companies cannot be disclosed due to NDA signed with the clients.


FDI is one of the strongholds of Verkko Group and with a team of experienced employees working on massive projects, we ensure that our customers get the finest team on their projects. We continue to thrive in this domain by understanding the true potential of this method and we highly believe that with the on-point consulting services from Verkko Group, your business will surpass its potential in foreign markets.