Global Subsidiary Formation

Global Subsidiary Formation

Form & Establish Company / Subsidiary Globally

Organic growth based expansion in new countries is best delivered by forming a subsidiary Company in countries which can make the difference. One can enhance its competitive advantage by making a direct investment in operations globally i.e. establishment of business operations on foreign soil – the building of factories, sales offices, and distribution networks to serve local markets in a nation other than the company’s home country. Forming Subsidiary globally with our Support has its unique benefits.

  1. One stop shop regarding all governmental, legal and regulatory framework to the country of choice.
  2. Knowledge of industry veteran network of Verkko made available in all key markets.
  3. Handholding from a strategic stand point through the entire subsidiary formation process.
  4. Risk and Mitigation maps

We also supports the companies post Subsidiary formation for establishing themselves in the foreign market through consultancy services.


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